about Hacienda Ebano

An authentic Costa Rica experience

Hacienda Ebano is a privately owned nature reserve and farm that boasts of rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails, and stunning views of the ocean and mountains. It is an eco-tourism project that is run by a Costa Rican family, offering guests an enriching natural and cultural experience, while embracing the essence of the “Pura Vida" lifestyle. Conveniently located near Dominical Beach, Costa Rica.


This land has been in the custody of a Costa Rican family since 1970. Initially, they were only dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising. Later, a natural reserve was established, and today eco-tourism is one of the primary activities due to the biodiversity and natural beauty of the area.

Photo: Mr Régulo and Ms Judith, founders.

Why Visit Us?

We offer well-maintained Rainforest hiking trails, self-guided and guided tours, excellent and safe access to waterfalls, specialized naturalist local guides, delicious food, and more than 12 years of improving our nature experiences.

Photo from the El Mango lookout


Our goal is to offer safe and comfortable experiences that allow our customers to enjoy the nature and culture of Costa Rica, while preserving its natural resources.


Ebano Nature Reserve close to Dominical Costa Rica

To become a top-rated destination in the South Pacific, for exceptional natural attractions and premium experiences.


Empathy, service, honesty, excellence, passion, responsibility, and tradition.

The Nature Reserve

Approximately 40 / 100 acres in Hacienda Ébano are reserved for conservation, eco-tourism, education, and research. The trail network offers breathtaking views and exciting wildlife sightings.

Photo of trail #1 during a guided tour,

All you need to know to visit Hacienda Ébano

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